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Hearst on the Court

Hearst on the Court

William Randolph Hearst Sr. on the court.

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Been listening to this LP this evening while cleaning. This song (along with a couple others on the flip side) gets stuck in my head once every couple a months- definitely an odd LP. Downer avant country rock?

I’m into it. It just got cool here and I’ve cleaning to do. Ysi?

See if this link works.

Grand Table Tennis

Sweet, Rockstar is releasing a table tennis game, and it looks pretty sweet (I was a fan of Virtua Tennis). Ridiculous graphics as its xbox 360 only.

IGN: Why the $39.99 price-point? Most games have gone up in price. Is that an indication that it’s not a full-priced game, or is it something different?

Sam Houser: Rockstar’s relationship with people who play our games is something we value and treasure greatly. We believe that Table Tennis is as pure, polished, intense and fun a game as the other games we have created, but it would be na├»ve of us not to recognize that this is a different sort of game to Grand Theft Auto, for example. In terms of value for money we think the hundreds of hours of gameplay of Grand Theft Auto is probably worth more than the $50 price tag, but rather than pushing to increase the price of games, we’d rather keep on over-delivering on value.