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Residue of the Performance

Residue of the Performance

Anoka Faruqee, 2012P-46, 2012
Acrylic on linen on panel, 22½ × 20½ inches

Anoka Faruqee’s recent paintings of moire patterns are reminiscent of Bridget Riley and other 1960’s op artists, but her process, involving custom-made trowels that rake the paint like “sand in a Zen garden”, reference a physicality where others sought a flay perfection.

From an interview with Liena Vayzman in X-TRA:

Some clues about the process can be found in the finished works, but yes, I realize now that most viewers have no idea how these objects are made. At a certain point, I stopped taping the sides of the painting, in order to reveal the intense ooze of paint dripping from the gestural pulls, in contradiction to the glass smooth surfaces, as a way to let people into the messiness of the process. The peripheries are becoming more and more significant, because I want my paintings to be read, at least partially, as a residue of the performance of painting it.

Faber Finds

Faber Finds

PostSpectacular has designed a system for creating one of a kind covers for Faber Finds, Faber’s print-on-demand service. The generative design system is built using PHP, Java, and Processing.

The gorgeous font used on the covers is B-HMMND, designed by Corey Holms.

More images can be found here.

( via MoT)

Generating a single cover only takes about 1 second, but due to its iterative and semi-random nature can sometime require hundreds of attempts until a “valid” design is created which is judged to be “on brand” by software itself.

Alph Project

Speaking of Processing, one of it’s key advantages is that the resulting Java applets can be embedded in a web page… Perhaps Shoes could be hooked up to the Alph project, which aims to create a Ruby/Flash bridge. Though I’m not totally sure that the Alph project is still active, since the wiki is soaked in spam.