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At some point, Prairie understood that the person behind the camera most of the time really was her mother, and that if she kept her mind empty she could absorb, conditionally become, Frenesi, share her eyes, feel, when the frame shook with fatigue or fear or nausea, Frenesi’s whole body there, as much as her mind choosing the frame, her will to go out there, load the roll, get the shot. Prairie floated, ghostly light of head, as if Frenesi were dead but in a social way, a minimum-security arrangement, where limited visits, mediated by projector and screen, were possible. As if somehow, next reel or the one after, the girl would find a way, some way, to speak to her…

—Thomas Pynchon, Vineland

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Returning Native

Returning Native

Andy Denzler, Returning Native, 2010
Oil on canvas, 140 x 120 cm

I’m really taken with these black and white oil paintings from Andy Denzler. They seem to capture haziness of memory as scars from an old VHS tape.

Waterfall Crossing

Waterfall Crossing

Andy Denzler, Waterfall Crossing, 2010
Oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm

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Indeed they could hardly, any of them, exactly remember these things, only the bare names of them. Gone.

—John Crowley, Endless Things

Only by commiting to memory the entire universe, and casting on it a universe of images, could all the things in the universe be remembered.

—John Crowley, Solitudes