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However, as all of us have discovered, even though the basic technology of hypertext may be with us for centuries to come, perhaps even as long as the technology of the book, its hardware and software seem to be fragile and short-lived; whole new generations of equipment and programs arrive before we can finish reading the instructions of the old. Even as I write, Brown University’s highly sophisticated Intermedia system, on which we have been writing our hypertext fictions, is being phased out because it is too expensive to maintain and incompatible with Apple’s new operating-system software, System 7.0. A good portion of our last semester was spent transporting our documents from Intermedia to Storyspace (which Brown is now adopting) and adjusting to the new environment.

—Robert Coover, “The End of Books”, 1992

Insides Slipping Out by Eoin Stanley

Insides Slipping Out by Eoin Stanley

“Insides Slipping Out” by Eoin Stanley

Nice Subtle Leopard Addition

Nice Subtle Leopard Addition

The error page Safari displays when it can’t find a server now has a Google search field populated with the domain you were searching for.

Perhaps this was in the Safari 3 beta I never installed as well.

yah it is in the beta, because I see it and don’t have leopard.

Leopard Installation Partitioning Woes

I ran into a problem trying to install Leopard tonight. The installer showed a red exclamation point on top of my internal hard drive when selecting the target volume and displayed the following error message:

You cannot install Mac OS X on this volume. To enable installation on this volume open Disk Utility from the Utilities menu and repartition the disk as ‘GUID Partition Table’. Note: you will lose all data on the disk by repartioning it.

Not too helpful, huh? Notice Apple’s installation requirements gloss over this requirement:

Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor.

Anyways, I loaded up Disk Utility, selected my target and selected Get Info from the File menu. Sure enough, it listed “Apple_partition_scheme” under Partition Type. There’s the problem. There seems to be lots of confusion regarding this, but the basic rule of thumb seems to be:

  • You cant boot a Power PC Mac from an APM partition.
  • You cannot boot a PowerPC Mac from a GUID partion.
  • You can boot an Intel Mac from a GUID partition.
  • You shouldn’t boot an Intel Mac from an APM partition. However, it works. Say for instance you replaced your hard drive and copied the data over at some point from a PPC machine. The Leopard installer will not allow you install onto APM partition on an Intel Mac.

My solution was to backup my entire drive using SuperDuper, reformat the drive (with the GUID partioning scheme), do a clean install [1], and use Migration Assistant to move my files back over.

So a word to the wise: verify your partition scheme using Disk Utility before assuming your Leopard installation will go off without a hitch.

Addendum: I noticed several recommendations in forums stating that even though there was a large red exclamation point and error message, you could double click on the target drive and proceed using the Archive & Install option. I was able to get this menu by double clicking, and when I attempted this route (after having backed up the entire drive as mentioned above) the installation failed. This seems like an installer bug to me.

1: You may prefer to restore your drive prior to the install after the reformat and do a regular upgrade.

every day I don’t install leopard makes me feel smarter.

dtrace support thanks to our favorite corporate bloggers / tacos for the needy outreach volunteers at joyent.


which led me to the Rogue Restoration Project.

which led me to the unmaintained Cthangbad.

now I want to make another try at getting into nethack.

next up, the world of fans trans.

and finally: Wallace, a genetic algorithm for teaching a computer to play Super Mario Brothers.



time to play the maze

I spent a ton of time playing this when I was around 6 years old. Unfortunately, they don’t have a screenshot of the highest difficulty level, which had crazy skinny, twisty paths going over and under one another.

( via a siracusa post on ars)

i used to draw out super complicated mazes on page after page of notebook paper. psychedelic brah.