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On the Melty Qualities of Truthiness

On the Melty Qualities of Truthiness

I saw this image in a post on Merlin Mann’s blog and, reading the tiny copy like the nerd I am, I noticed the word ‘melty’. Aha! I thought, didn’t they just add that word to the dictionary to much hoopla a couple years ago, claiming Taco Bell coined it? Didn’t they? And here’s a much earlier usage!

I searched for the dimly-remembered headline, ah, here it is: Webster’s Reluctantly Adds ‘Melty’ To English Lexicon, from 2007. But wait. Its in The Onion. melty - no dictionary results.

So my memory is no longer able to reliably sort fact from parody, and ‘melty’ is still not in the dictionary. Perhaps, as with Big Macs, Not Everything Bad Is Good For Us.

Public Service Announcement

iPhone OS 4 Beta is at least somewhat buggy. Not recommended for installing on your day-to-day phone.