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The State of HTML5 Audio

When I started to work on my JavaScript Game Engine back in October 2009, the biggest problems I encountered were with the new HTML5 Audio Element. The Canvas Element already worked nicely in all browsers that supported it at the time, albeit some were a little slow.
Now, in 2011, the rendering performance for Canvas has been improved dramatically, audio however is still broken in large parts. I think it is time for a change in tone. Be warned, there’s some profanity ahead because HTML5 Audio is still that fucked up.

I have also been frustrated by this. There is so much cool shit you could do if browsers had better and more consistent support for audio, at least to the level described in the current HTML5 spec. So much progress has been made on Canvas and other big chunks of the browser runtime that we call HTML5, it would be nice if some collective attention could be turned to audio.

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