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Then came the handshakings, the stately puckered kissings, the sighs of amiable exhaustion ‘Ah-h-h’; ’ Who-o-o’ - suggesting that miles of hot sand had been traveled for the finding of this oasis or that living breath itself had been held, painfully, against the promise of this release. In the living room, having sipped and grimaced at the first frosty brimming of their drinks, they pulled themselves together for a moment of mutual admiration; then they sank into various postures of controlled collapse.

—Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road

“But for my money, by allowing at least two strategies of representing reality to share time, Yates brought to life all the more remarkable a novel; brought us - through art - near enough to life’s palpable details that we can recognize our own lives, yet preserved for us a distance from which we can exercise moral judgment and be relieved that the Wheelers aren’t us.” – Richard Ford’s review in the NY Times

Upon reading of the film version I feel a pessimistic curiosity.