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As a rough rule, cinema can be sundered into two halves: six o’clock films and nine o’clock films. Most movies are nine-o’clock affairs, and none the worse for it. You get home from work, grab something to eat, and ead to the theatre [sic], and enjoy the show. And so to bed — alone or entwined, but, either way, with dreams whose sweetness will not be crumbled or soured by what you saw onscreen. A six o’clock movie requires more organization: prebooked tickets, a restaurant table, the right friends. You’re going to need them, because if all runs according to plan you will spend the second half of the evening tossing the movie —the impact and substance of it —back and forth….”The Reader is a nine o’clock movie that thinks its a six o’clock. “Groundhog Day” is the opposite. And “The White Ribbon”? A six o’clock movie, if I ever saw one.

Anthony Lane’s got a medium-length piece on Haneke in this week’s New Yorker, but you have to buy it, whether on paper or screen. Unless there’s a secret like I don’t know about (a prduct of the “fan-scan” community).

this post could use some copy editing.

I always forget that its just mdash. Its like if anil was a html entity he’d just be &nldash; (conforming visual user agents would inline that pic from mule, screenreaders would just say ‘SEEN IT’ out loud).

When I worked at NME, we had an office joke: “Smashing bloke, though,” which shone light on the perils of confusing one’s impressions of someone with the merits of their art (as the Lester Bangs character says in Almost Famous: “These people are not your friends”). I dare say it might conceivably be productive for an artist to try and explain their motivations to a writer and it could alter the latter’s view, but it’s never happened to me. Most musicians are hopelessly inarticulate, y’see, and besides, one tends to meet them at dark and drunken aftershows when good sense is absent.

Squarepusher takes on the Guardian’s music critics

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