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Lookbook Preview

Lookbook Preview

We’re reaching deep into the archives for the launch of Modcult’s apparel line. This pant and tunic were dredged out of a German moor and date to the fourth century. The peat bog-based tea-dying process is time-consuming and expensive, but necessary to achieve that rich, Iron Age color. Footie pants are huge for S/S 2012. Your move, McNairy.

Take Ivy Reprint

Take Ivy Reprint

Men’s fashion blog favorite, Take Ivy, is being reprinted this summer by powerHouse. Amazon has it up for pre-order now for less than twenty bucks, which definitely beats paying $449 on eBay.

If you want to get a jump on the next mid-20th century British middle class clothing fad (Teds, Mods, etc. never go long without a revival) start looking for old japanese copies of TAKE REDBRICK

“Best in the field of Spangled Stars, Americanized as hell as well as originality.”

A 1989 TIME article about Amekaji, quoting an Octopus Army label. ‘89 is giving ‘86 a run for its money today.

Amekaji So Kawaii!

“Alongside the familiar L. L. Bean duck boots, Brooks Brothers shirts and Ray-Ban Wayfarers, there are Filson duffel bags, Gokey boots, Alden dress shoes, Gitman oxford shirts, Quoddy Trail moccasins, Wm. J. Mills canvas totes — to name but a few.”

Apparently, it takes a about 18 months to go from “criminally slept on”to “byword for Americana style in the NYT Styles section.

This is the best part of the article, though:

“What makes today’s prepidemic so fascinating is how it is, surprisingly enough, so Japanese. The look has its roots in the United States, to be sure. But the spirit, rigor and execution of today’s prep moment is as Japanese as Sony.”

This is totally true. Consequently (and with an american-made straw boater tip to Nina), I think rather than referring to this style as “made-in-the-usa/americana/workwear/classic”, we should borrow from the Japanese and just shorten it to amekaji. Here are some sample usages:

“Hey, have you been to the J. Crew Liquor Store?” “Yeah, man, that place is totally amekaji.”

“Have you noticed The Sartorialist has been posting an awful lot of amekaji photos lately?”.

The other thing weird about that first paragraph is that we actually like all that stuff.