Dr Jekylls and Their Various Hydes

March 29, 2012

Dr Jekylls and Their Various Hydes

I’m reading this interview with a MIT researcher who’s working on some sort of broad-spectrum antiviral compound called Draco. The interviewer asks:

If you get a cold this winter… are you going to be tempted?

I’m not tempted by colds. I’ve had very bad stomach viruses and I’ve been tempted to give myself the stuff to see what would happen.

I always wonder about this. This guy came up with this idea 11 years ago. He estimates it’s at least 10 more years from human trials. That has to be so frustrating. Don’t they just want to see what happens? They must occasionally give in and try out their compounds on themselves, or each other. What happens? Accidental superhero/supervillain creation? Weird trips?