The World Is Crazy

June 09, 2010

The World Is Crazy

These guys just launched a kickstarter project to design an open arduino-controlled PCR machine that you’d be able to build for $400.

Whether or not these guys pull this off, the fact that people are even TALKING about this is insane. Garage synthetic biology. I just can’t get over the state of bio right now. “What’s you guys’ startup about again? Oh, its like Twitter, but for dogs? Yeah, that’s cool, I guess. What are we doing? Oh, not much, just breathing the breath of life into our own creations, becoming as gods, reifying the most ancient of mankind’s dreams and nightmares, but yours sounds cool too. Dogs gotta tweet.”

Also, I am not biologically capable of posting about the PCR without pointing out that Kary Mullis claims he came up with the core idea while on acid. Kary Mullis, Doc Ellis…I’m seeing a pattern here: if your two-syllable surname ends with ‘llis’, take acid and you will do great things. I see a very special Transmetropolitan in our future!

( via glen)