Clyma Est Mort

May 23, 2010

But it morphed into more than that. “Wouldn’t it be great,” went my posit to the band, “to make a live LP and satirize Totale’s Turns in the process?” Record the upcoming Grey Street sessions, work through songs, overdub as needed, add some clapping (I’ve got some large hands, but let’s be serious, there are only two of ‘em), make edits, clean the thing up at Fish Street Studio so I could take it home (return to which was swiftly approaching) and release it to a befuddled public. There was also the matter of cover art: same design as Totale’s, with different title and ‘tour’ ‘dates’, the back reinvented from Dead C’s perspective (South Island vs. North Island) by their ardent supporter, T Totale XXVIIII (I’ve always loved how idiotic the mucking of the Roman numeral nine looked).

Tom Lax on the recording of the Dead C’s Cylma Est Mort