June 26, 2009

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We all know its been a rough couple days. I was walking up Bway from Luger’s today and I saw this Crystal Head out of the corner of my eye. “Could that be real? And if so, full of liquor?” I wondered to myself.

I went into the store. I asked the gentleman proprietor. It was. And it could be mine, for a low (high) price.

I bought it. It was a pretty dumb thing to spend money on, but maybe it’ll make me feel better for a bit. I mean, its full of vodka, how could it not? When I got I home, I googled it. Turned out it’s some kind of internet phenomenon. Somehow I slept on that, but I do plan to drink this skull full of vodka, and then bring it to parties and refill it with more booze, all weekend. In loving tribute.

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