Mechanical Footprints Upon the Crater

Mechanical Footprints Upon the Crater

Joe Kievitt, Untitled, 2009
Ink on paper, 26 x 37 in.

Peale’s Mammoth

Peale's Mammoth

Part of the mammoth craze of 1801-1802:

It was only the world’s second reconstruction of a fossil species (the one prior attempt being a decidedly less thrilling giant ground sloth in Madrid), and it became a national sensation, with word spreading until “the masses of the people were now even more eager than the scientists to view the great American wonder,” according to Peale biographer (and descendant) Charles Coleman Sellers. “The mere idea of bigness stirred every heart.” Peale’s “mammoth” would turn out to be a mastodon, but “mammoth” was the word on every tongue, gaining overnight “a fresh and spectacular currency.” A Philadelphia baker offered “Mammoth Bread.” In Washington, a man who proclaimed himself a “Mammoth Eater” dispatched 42 eggs in ten minutes, and a New Yorker grew a 20-pound “mammoth” radish. Knowing of President Thomas Jefferson’s long interest in all things mammoth, the women of Cheshire, Massachusetts, presented him with a 1,230-pound “Mammoth Cheese” on New Year’s Day 1802.

Previously: The Cheese President

42 eggs in ten minutes‽ Not so tough now, are we Luke?

Spiral Path of a Blindfolded Man

Spiral Path of a Blindfolded Man

Schaeffer, an American zoologist, observed that an amoeba placed on a cylindrical surface always moved in a spiral path around the cylinder. To further study spiral movement, Schaeffer blindfolded a right-handed friend and instructed him to walk a straight line across a country field. Schaeffer plotted his friend’s track, which described a clockwise spiral form until the blindfolded man happened to stumble on a tree stump.

did he have something wrong with him or will everyone do this? Isn’t this one o those things they test when a neuro gives you a onceover?

Apparently it happens to everyone: A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

Today It is the Bath of Ladies

It is in the heart of San Telmo, in Carlos Calvo 319 (ex San Fermin street) to few steps of Dorrego Square, in a place where the past enriches the present for the visitor. Its paved stone street, its ceiling of colonial roofing tiles along with its history of love colonial they define the style of this History house declared Historical Monument in 1978. Constructed in 1729, it conserves its colonial structure. More than 280 years plenary sessions of memories being witness more of all ours to happen historical and with a history of love that still palpitates in the Margarita’s Corner, a sector of the house where she was enclosed by her father sergeant Oliden because she had been promised in marriage to Cuitiño, Head of the Mazorca of Juan Manuel de Rosas. But Margarita was lover of Juan Cruz Cuello a singer with whom Maragrita was escaped using a secret tunnel (today it is in the bath of ladies) that it communicated the house with the Church of San Pedro Telmo and was a connection with the port and also tactical instrument during the Resistance and Defense in the English Invasions. Used for the Margarita escape, just as in Romeo and Julieta, the love history had a tragic end…

—postcard from the restaurant up the street from my apartment.

You’ve Never Heard of the Diebenkorn Standards Project?

You've Never Heard of the Diebenkorn Standards Project?

TBL et al are rightly credited for coming up with the technical end of the modern website but people often forget that the visual language was pioneered by Richard Diebenkorn in the 70s and 80s in his classic “Ocean Park” (also known as “Webpage”) paintings. What? Its no coincidence that he was part of the “Bay Area Figurative Movement”.

The Ghosts of Shopping Past

The Ghosts of Shopping Past

JC Penney, Dixie Square Mall by Brian Ulrich.

On the Melty Qualities of Truthiness

On the Melty Qualities of Truthiness

I saw this image in a post on Merlin Mann’s blog and, reading the tiny copy like the nerd I am, I noticed the word ‘melty’. Aha! I thought, didn’t they just add that word to the dictionary to much hoopla a couple years ago, claiming Taco Bell coined it? Didn’t they? And here’s a much earlier usage!

I searched for the dimly-remembered headline, ah, here it is: Webster’s Reluctantly Adds ‘Melty’ To English Lexicon, from 2007. But wait. Its in The Onion. melty - no dictionary results.

So my memory is no longer able to reliably sort fact from parody, and ‘melty’ is still not in the dictionary. Perhaps, as with Big Macs, Not Everything Bad Is Good For Us.

Stone Masters

Stone Masters

Available on Amazon.


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100 Lbs. of Black Olives

100 Lbs. of Black Olives

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Perfectly Timed for Ry’s Annual Holiday NYC Trip

Perfectly Timed for Ry's Annual Holiday NYC Trip

Anna Maria Maiolino. Desde A até M (From A to M), from the series Mapas Mentais (Mental Maps). 1972–99.

On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century.

Criminal exclusion of the role of the plotter in 20th century drawing! Maybe bust in, loose some plotter robots on the floor?

Symphony Study

Symphony Study

Jorinde Voigt, VW 2009-141, Symphony Study Var. XIII/7, 2009
Offset print, 46x61 cm.

Later That Year…

Post barbershop.

Front-Side of the Mirror (Broken)

Front-Side of the Mirror (Broken)

Gregor Huildebrandt, Front-Side of the Mirror (Broken), 2010
Video tape on canvas, 75 5/8” x 56 3/4”

While I’m On The Subject Of Yahoo…

  • When you log in to Facebook, there’s a prominent shortcut to see pictures of yourself.

  • When you log in to Flickr, there’s a prominent shortcut to see pictures of people you know.

This is why Facebook wins: they understand that “social” software is really the biggest navel-gaze in the history of the universe. If I was twitter I’d add a feature that showed you “hilarious stuff you said six months ago” when you logged in.

Dear Every Website On The Internet

You store cookies on my computer. You serve webbugs. You persist logins. You use all manner of creepy stuff to make sure you know more about me than my dearest loved ones. So why do you change my language by ip geolocation? Google, I am especially looking at you here: if I am logged into my google account, and I change IPs, WHY would you think all of the sudden that I want all my services in Spanish? You KNOW that at the very least, I communicate mainly in English.

If there is some rational argument to be made for this, please email The way I see it, when I fetch a page from Google, it knows:

  • Hey, according to this cookie, this guy has searched 8 billion English queries and gone to English pages. This guy was logged into a google account called Jeb. Almost Everything in the Jeb account is in English.
  • This guy is accessing us from an IP in a country that primarily speaks Spanish/German/French.

Wouldn’t the conservative choice here be to serve me the English version of the page? I may speak Spanish or German or French, but you KNOW I speak English, right?

It just seems like, obviously someone at Google has thought of this before…what is the crazy logic behind this situation?

Giving Heed to the Seducing Spirits

Giving Heed to the Seducing Spirits

William T. Horton, from The Savoy, No 2, London, 1896.

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