Node Dump

Over the last couple of months, it’s gotten hard to ignore the growing chatter about Node.js. Node is an evented Javascript framework built on Google’s open source v8 engine, with similarities in design to Twisted and Eventmachine, among others. Here’s a quick dump of links for future reference.

Rhythmus 23

Hans Richter, Rhythmus 23 (1923)

As a favour to his old friend Tristan Tzara, the film was premiered in Paris during the final Dada soiree on 6 July 1923. (18) This has led many critics to mistakenly read it, and indeed all of Richter’s abstract work as Dada, despite the fact that his writings and films demonstrate a much stronger affinity with the rationalist systemiticity of Constructivism.

See also: Rhythmus 21.

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