RIP Kenneth Noland

RIP Kenneth Noland

17th Stage, 1964.

Epigram, 1961.

RIP Kenneth Noland.

For Penrose

For Penrose

Oil painting of Penrose Tiling by Urs Schmid. No other information given.


CoffeeScript is a little middleman language that compiles into JavaScript written by Jeremy Ashkenas, who is responsible for the Ruby Processing project.

It aims to bring elements of Python and Ruby’s cleaner syntax to JavaScript. CoffeeScript uses Pyhton’s significant whitespace instead of curly braces and does not require semi-colons for terminating lines. Right off the bat, the existence operator (?) struck me as quite slick. Checking if a variable is defined in JavaScript has always been a sore spot.

In JavaScript:

var solipsism;
if ((typeof mind !== "undefined" && mind !== null) && !(typeof world !== "undefined" && world !== null)) {
    solipsism = true;

The same statement, in CoffeeScript:

solipsism: true if mind? and not world?

Note that a colon is used for assignment, as in JSON.

Other features include argument splats, Ruby ranges, more powerful switch statements, simplified lexical scoping, almost everything as an expression, and more.

It’s written in Ruby and uses racc for the parser.

More complex examples can be found here.

No rhythm. No melody. No bullshit.

Phill Niblock, 2006 interview in The Wire (Issue #256)

The Movement of People Working

When I mentioned the recently released anthology collecting six of Phill Niblock’s films yesterday, I neglected to link to another collection of his films that’s readily available on DVD. The Movement of People Working gathers Niblock’s series of documentary films from the 70’s and 80’s that focus on the mesmerizing repetition of manual labor performed by people throughout the world. The films feature original soundtracks as well.

The Movement of People Working is available on Amazon as well. While you are at it, be sure to check out Nibock’s recordings on the Touch label, all are highly recommended.