Stumbled upon the Amazing Rare Things exhibit today while perusing Efimera, which makes me wish my Spanish skills were sharper. It features the work of Mark Catesby and Maria Sibylla Merian (love this painting of hers) among others.

I’m going to christen this art style, a perennial Modcult favorite, retronatural.

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cf jessamyn’s post over on mefi.

zomg i got david confused with richard attenborough and i thought that jessamyn’s Royal Collection thing was gonna be all “Welcome to…JURASSIC PARK!”

Belzer, Reed, Dog

Belzer, Reed, Dog

Lou Reed, Richard Belzer and a dog.

Taken by kathryn.

It all makes sense if Lou Reed is part of the Tommy Westphall Universe.

The World is Fat and Full of Holes

The World is Fat and Full of Holes

Raymond Pettibon Op Art in the New York Times.

From the comments:

David Byrne rocks. He has done other stuff. Sort of like winning an Academy Award, for the score of a movie. RISD rocks

never change, youtube commenters.

I like this.

Bantha Slippers

Bantha Slippers

I would wear these. (more rejected promotional star wars pepsi items.)

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The Cocaine Photos

The Cocaine Photos

I found these in a red photo album marked “Darlene” at a swap meet in Huntington Beach, California. I didn’t know these photos were in there until I got in the car and really looked at the photos. Then I was like, “Whoa! People doing drugs.”

This is my favorite: Best Coke Buds Pose By the Delorean. Make sure to look at the full version poster that you can see framed in the background.

Fairly unbeatable bumpersticker + vanity plate combination.

bron has a subscrip

which two are skulltones?

paraphrasing jwz paraphrasing someone else.

I never had this problem before, but the more organ in a song, the more I was likely to hate it. By the end of this experiment the simple peal of rock organ caused me to squint and hunch in my seat, bracing myself for the next three minutes of music. It’s a crutch; when there is an uncertain patch, a musical problem to solve, the band thinks, “I know. We’ll use organ.” Now they have two problems.

even if you don’t have time to read through all of the song “reviews” and/or listen to them, it’s totally worth scrolling through this and reading the commentary that periodically interrupts the list of songs.

Speaking of, have you ever seen Johnny Staccato?

I have not, but it looks worth tracking down.

Untitled Image

According to my calendar, its time for Astrophilately Thursday again.

“In 1959 the U.S. Navy submarine USS Barbero assisted the Post Office Department, the predecessor of the current United States Postal Service (USPS) in its search for faster, more efficient forms of mail transportation with the first and only delivery of “Missile Mail”. Shortly before noon on 8 June 1959, Barbero fired a Regulus cruise missile — its nuclear warhead having earlier been replaced by two official Post Office Department mail containers — at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station in Mayport, Florida. Twenty-two minutes later, the missile struck its target.”

Apparently, some L5ey types think this idea could be the killer app that BlueOrigin/Armadillo Aerospace types need to cross the the chasm separating “hobby for rich nerds” from “source of rich nerds”. At first, this sounds insane. But think about if there was ever a functioning global market for body parts. 2am LA motorcycle crash = new heart for the emir’s son.

“something about Pynchon” –Finn

(just wanted to save you the trouble, don’t mention it)