Red Stag

Red Stag

This is a less morbid version of a Finn post.

( via big picture by way of dj’s walks)

Blessed with all the natural elements for making steel, Birmingham was once considered so vital to the nation’s industrial might and capacity to wage war that it was said to be second after Pittsburgh on the Japanese list of bombing targets.

This reminds me that I think “Town X, blessed with asset Y was so important to the US that Enemy Z planned to destroy it right after Clear Valuable Target A” is a template for some sort of modern American one-line myth.

I’ve heard this in various guises about dozens of towns and I’ve been meaning to look into it for a while. For example, when I was a kid in NJ, people would say, “You know, this whole area is #3 on the Russian’s nuclear-tipped ICBM target list after NY & DC because of Bell Labs.”

In Maine its probably because of Bath and the shipbuilders.

Yeah that or the giant Naval Air Station my town was next door to.

Or syrup stores and the Quoddy shop.