Gibson and Kugelberg

I finished Spook Country the other night on the plane. I was surprised to find Johan Kugelberg among the closing Thank You list.

Curious about the connection between the two, I did a bit of googling. William Gibson once wrote about Skip Spence for one of Kugelberg’s frequent outlets, Ugly Things. In addition, they both contributed to the Velvet Underground 40th anniversary book, c/o The Velvet Underground, New York, NY.

I hoped that I had somehow missed a mention of a band off of Kugelberg’s (in)famous top 100 DIY records list, but I don’t think so. There is mention of a fictional (or ridiculously obscure) 60’s garage band called the Mopars that the musician-cum-journalist once did a feature on for a fictional New York music shop in-house magazine…