Hot People Trying to Look Ugly

…or ugly people trying to look hot.

The Burg - Closet

I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing:

  • I watched all of these
  • I found them amusing
  • I recognized most of the locations

Why the Strong Lose

What is not in dispute is that all major failed US uses of force since 1945—in Vietnam, Lebanon, and Somalia—have been against materially weaker enemies. In wars both hot and cold, the United States has fared consistently well against such powerful enemies as Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and the Soviet Union, but the record against lesser foes is decidedly mixed. Though it easily polished off Milosevic’s Serbia and Saddam’s Iraq, the United States failed to defeat Vietnamese infantry in Indochina, terrorists in Lebanon, and warlords in Somalia. In each case the American Goliath was militarily stalemated or politically defeated by the local David. Most recently, the United States was surprised by the tenacious insurgency that exploded in post-Baathist Iraq, an insurgency now in its third year with no end in sight.

Don’t worry, this is not the beginning of a series of political Kosian posts, it’s an interesting article from the awesome PARAMETERS.

Esteban, que pasa los Jicks?

RC: Oh wow, I’m awesome. Brighten The Corners—I would argue, the best Pavement record. The Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain people can slam a cock, because this is the best. I miss Pavement. I went and saw Stephen Malkmus live a couple years ago. Terrible. He’s a jam band now. There was this guy in the front row who wouldn’t stop asking Malkmus, “What’s up with the Jicks?” He kept saying, “Steve, what’s up with the Jicks?” And my friend Jason started yelling, “Esteban, que pasa los Jicks?” Needless to say, he did not answer us. Not a good show, though I got very drunk.

Rob Corddry’s surprising Random Rules in av club

oh man, withcraft diss.

My Future Profession

As a member of the crowd that populates the streets, the flâneur participates physically in the text that he observes while performing a transient and aloof autonomy with a “cool but curious eye” that studies the constantly changing spectacle that parades before him. As an observer, the flâneur exists as both “active and intellectual.” As a literary device, one may understand him as a narrator who is fluent in the hieroglyphic vocabulary of visual culture. When he assumes the form of narrator, he plays both protagonist and audience—like a commentator who stands outside of the action, of whom only the reader is aware, “float[ing] freely in the present tense.”

The Flâneur

the real question is why were you googling “kill people”?

Yacht Rock #10 is about a feud between Steely Dan and The Eagles.

the design reminds me of a hospital

I am a 14 year old male and I love furry/yiffy yaoi art.

i could kill you for posting this.



time to play the maze

I spent a ton of time playing this when I was around 6 years old. Unfortunately, they don’t have a screenshot of the highest difficulty level, which had crazy skinny, twisty paths going over and under one another.

( via a siracusa post on ars)

i used to draw out super complicated mazes on page after page of notebook paper. psychedelic brah.

Ry What do you like better druids or wizards?

Iolo Morganwg (or Morgannwg in modern spelling) was the bardic name of Edward Williams (Llancarfan, Glamorgan, Wales 1747-1826), an influential antiquarian, collector and literary forger. The name is Welsh for “Ned of Glamorgan”.

Edward Williams spent his working life as a stonemason. It is as Iolo Morganwg that he is remembered, chiefly for his role in (re)creating modern bardic ritual and philosophy. He founded the first Gorsedd, Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain, at a ceremony in 1792 at Primrose Hill, London. He also authored fairly substantial works (most of which are now considered forgeries) claiming that the ancient druidic tradition had survived intact in Wales, despite the Roman conquest, Christianity, the persecution of the bards under Elizabeth Tudor, and other adversities. Iolo’s philosophy represented a fusion of Christian and Arthurian influences, a proto-romanticism comparable to that of William Blake, the revived antiquarian enthusiasm for all things “Celtic”, and such elements of bardic heritage as had genuinely survived among Welsh-language poets. Part of his aim was to assert the Welshness of the South, particularly his home region of Glamorgan, against the prevalent idea that North Wales represented the purest survival of Welsh traditions.

He was addicted to laudanum for most of his life, which may have affected his mental condition.

Iolo was the author of the “Druid’s Prayer” or “Gorsedd prayer” (Gweddi’r Derwydd or Gweddi’r Orsedd in Welsh), which is still a staple of the ritual of both gorseddau and Neo-Druidism. His metaphysics outlined a theory of concentric ‘rings of existence’, proceeding outward from Annwn (the Otherworld) through Abred and Ceugant to Gwynfyd (purity or Heaven).

Among his writings was Cyfrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain, or “The Mystery of the Bards of the Isle of Britain” (1829), a treatise on Welsh metrics.

A Welsh language school in Cowbridge, Ysgol Iolo Morgannwg, is named after him.

I found this guy in the wikipedia under “Notable literary figures addicted to laudanum”

I should really re-read the Prydain books by Lloyd Alexander.

god someone introduce me to a hot welsh druid folk singer

I would make one of my brothers try this first if I invented it

I would make one of my brothers try this first if I invented it

The parachute system will in future be complemented by a special subsystem, which is currently in its development phase. This will be a modular wing, called GRYPHON, that is connected to the parachute. Soldiers will then be able to glide through the air at speeds of up to 200 km/h. This will reduce the duration of the descent from approximately 45 minutes to approximately 15 minutes. Unlike the previous system, this wing can be used in almost all types of weather. With the newly developed wing, the range of possible applications of the parachute will be increased considerably.

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that dude in the picture looks like he is half-man, half-robot, half-bird.

half german too.

is it too late for me to say half nerd?


“Fresh baked cookies and brownies, only delivered late at night. Do I honestly have to say more? My apartment is technically out of their delivery range (by one block!), but they don’t say what the range is on their website… so I asked really nicely, and they made an exception for me! The cookies and brownies were hot and delicious when they arrived, and a perfect balance between crunchy and soft. And they will bring a whole quart of milk to go with it! They deliver from 8PM-2:30 AM on weekdays and 8PM-4AM on weekends, clearly catering to the college and/or stoned crowds. I was in neither of those crowds when I ordered, but damn, I needed cookies, and they delivered.”

How amazing is this?

do they deliver root beer floats too?

the burrito place here now does bike deliveries on wednesday nights. it’s amazing.

only wednesdays? wtf?

Cool birds

Cool birds

Turns out there’s other PODs besides APOD

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[this is good]


Continuous Partial Attention

Everything in nature that works seems to have a cycle — the life cycle of a plant, the seasons — summer, fall, winter, spring. Athletes train with cycles in mind — cycles of high performance, cycles of different types of workouts, periods of rest. Always on doesn’t respect this. And if there is no winter, there is also no spring.


this is why people start bands. and cook.